Updated Pick Up Procedure
Published on Sep 18, 2014 11:55

Dear Woodview Families--

In our efforts to make sure that all our students return home safely and efficiently at the end of the school day, we will be adjusting our bus pick-up zones today.  The area directly in front of school will still be left open for our two shuttle buses to pick up students shortly after our 3:20 dismissal bell.  When those buses have loaded and left, families picking up their students can move forward in line so they are able to pick up their child on the sidewalk in front of the school; students walking or being picked-up will be dismissed shortly before 3:30.  Students should still wait for their ride in front of school, so please reiterate this to your child when talking about the pick-up routine; we want to keep students from running into the parking lot to get to their car.  Families are always welcome to park in the large JLMS parking lot and then walk to the front of the school to pick-up their child.  To help with the flow of our traffic line, please do NOT park in any open parking spots in front of the school; please use the JLMS parking lot.  This helps us to avoid cars backing up into the traffic line in front of school.

Our other three non-shuttle buses will be arriving to Woodview after 3:30.  In order to allow those buses to pick up students quickly and not get caught in the family pick-up traffic line, we will be setting aside the area south of our East Playground for the buses to park for pick-up.  If you are picking up your child, please do NOT park in this area (this is commonly where families who stay to watch their child on the playground park at the end of the day).  Instead, please park in the larger JLMS lot so we can keep that area open.  Please allow the buses to move around the traffic line so they can get to the pick-up zone quickly, and we can get the students loaded and on their way.
Thank you so much for your patience, help, and flexibility as we continue to work to make sure everyone is able to get home safely and in a timely manner.  Staff members will be outside to help today, and there will be cones out to mark off the designated bus pick-up areas.

Have a great day, and we hope to see many of you at Back to School Night tonight from 5:30 - 7:00 PM

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