Parking Lot Safety Reminder
Published on Mar 13, 2013 10:47

Dear Woodview Families,

Keeping our students and families safe during pick-up and drop-off continues to be an issue we as a school community need to work on. It has come up at our PTG meetings and parent contacts, through discussions with staff, and in conversations with our buildings and grounds department. Even our students see it. I recently received a note from a group of our second graders, a portion of which I wanted to share with you:

We are concerned about safety on our Woodview driveway and parking lot.

The traffic is very busy before and after school. We are worried that people are going to get hit by cars. Some of us walk to and from school each day and have to cross the road. We feel nervous because sometimes cars don’t see us in the crosswalk, and sometimes even when they see us waiting to cross they don’t stop.

Some cars don’t stay in the line and some kids don’t wait on the sidewalk like they are supposed to. It is chaos! We see kids run to their cars on the other side of the parking lot. Right through the traffic! We think kids could get hit by cars or fall down and get hurt.

I have spoken with our buildings and grounds coordinator and the Grafton Police Department about potential solutions, but the reality is we have a great deal of traffic – walkers, vehicles, and buses – in a limited area. There have been discussions about changing the physical layout of the parking lot further down the road, but for now, I am asking for everyone’s help in understanding and following the procedure for drop-off and pick-up in the Woodview parking lot. Please read over the following link - the letter and map that I sent to families at the beginning of the year (ParkingLotInfo). I am asking everyone to monitor their speed, follow the correct procedures, and pay attention to posted signs and other vehicles and walkers so that we can ensure that all students and families are able to remain safe. Thank you for your help with this ongoing issue.


Nathan Joynt

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